Type of Shoes You Need to Avoid – When Taking Driving Lessons

Type of Shoes You Need to Avoid – When Taking Driving Lessons

admin March 11, 2020


Driving a car is not an easy task, you should have essential skills and license. While driving, you should have control on it and concentrate on the road. Confidence, skills, and knowledge on traffic rules are necessary to pass in a driving test and get license.

There are a lot of things that may distract you and affect your ability to drive including footwear. This is because you have to operate the car with your feet. So, they are very important and you have to use comfortable footwear all the time when you drive.

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The following are few footwear types that you have to avoid when taking a driving test.

If you want to wear your favorite dress like suit or pajamas with your favorite shoes, then you may lessen your chances of getting passed.

An examiner’s duty is to meet various types of candidates coming for the test. Examiner will not assess anyone on anything rather than driving. If you are good at skills and your dress is comfortable to you, then don’t think about anything else.


It is an extra-ordinary fashion accessory these days liked by many ladies, but it is not a good choice to wear them when driving a car. They can reduce your ability in operating the pedals when there is a need. If you change your feet position, they also get snag on floor.


They can be a good choice to drive because they not only provide comfort to you, but they are flat enough to operate pedals as well. However, while stepping into car keep in mind its name which means when you drive, your feet constantly moves around, so be cautious.


Even though, boots look smart but they are an odd choice to wear when you drive. There are many reasons for it. They are you can lose your ability to use the pedal, end up placing extra pressure on pedal than required, difficult to move feet, and more.

Bare feet

Few times, it is a great option to not wear shoes, but that also lead to hazardous situations. Bare feet are more prone to slip, if you slip from pedals due to perspiration that may cause an indescribable damage at worst time.

When you drive a car, you should have control over clutch and pedals. If you shake, unable to have contact with pedals or lose control over clutch at a slow speed, then it may lead to accident most of the time. So, wear anything that has thick sole.

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