How to Prevent and Cope with a Car Accident

How to Prevent and Cope with a Car Accident

admin April 8, 2020

Car accidents are scary, dangerous, and potentially deadly. Luckily there are some things you can do to help reduce your chances of being involved in one.

Safe Driving

The first way you can avoid getting into an accident is by practicing safe driving techniques. Pull into traffic slowly, look both ways, and expect the unexpected. Children, animals, and other drivers can dart into roadways without warning, so always keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes peeled. Another tip is the 3-second rule. Maintain at least three seconds of distance between the front of your vehicle and the automobile in front of you, and count to three before going through a green light in case someone is running a red. Avoid texting while driving and save phone calls for when you are parked.

Driving safely is done best when you as the driver are in a fit condition. If you are compromised because you are drunk, ill, high, or tired, it is best to have someone else drive. Tired driving can be one of the most deceptive and deadly forms of compromise. Drivers who are tired have been shown to exhibit even poorer reactions and decision making than those who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Pay attention to your medication side effects because some are explicitly warned not to take while driving.

Safe Vehicles

Being a safe driver is only half the battle. If your car is unsafe or isn’t working properly it can create driving hazards that no amount of good driving can compensate.

Regular oil changes and engine checks are essential to keep your vehicle functioning at optimal levels of efficiency. Pay attention to any weird noises your car is making or if you feel any differences in its steering, braking, or overall performance. Having good tires that are properly inflated can go a long way to help reduce the chance for an accident as well.

After an Accident

After you have been in an auto accident, no matter how severe or slight, you will want to call your insurance agent. Having auto insurance is essential, to protect your own financial interest and any damages you may have to pay if another party is involved. Depending on how severe the crash was you may want to find an auto accident attorney in Kansas City, MO, as well.

Hopefully, by practicing good driving techniques you will not have to call an auto accident attorney in Kansas City MO, anytime soon. But if you do, look for one that has a solid record of client satisfaction and qualifications.


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