Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor – About Your Chronic Illness And COVID-19

Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor – About Your Chronic Illness And COVID-19

admin April 20, 2020

Many people across the world are panicked with the outbreak of COVID-19. Even though, people who have good immunity and health are recovering from it, but those who are suffering from chronic diseases are at high risk.

In addition to following CDC recommendations, we have to understand what we can do to keep others and ourselves safe. You have to take preventive measures like social distancing, wearing mask when going out, and contacting a healthcare provider to know how to face health challenges in this situation.

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Can I get in-person appointment?

Many offices including healthcare clinics are canceling in-person visit and providing telemedicine appointment. While contacting your physician make sure whether they provide a video or telecommunication appointment. Your physician can guide you in a right way depending on your condition.

Can I continue my medicine?

Even though, stopping medicine is tempting for anyone, sustaining immunity is essential to maintain a stable condition. Before stopping any medication speak to your doctor so that he/she can give you a better advice.

Can I start new treatment method now?

In case, you want to start a new treatment, discuss with your doctor about its benefits and risks. They can help you in making the right decision. Leaving your health problem uncontrolled for a longer time may put you at risk.

In case, you are experiencing side-effects by taking your medications, then explain your situation to your physician. If your regular treatment is showing improvement, your physician will not suggest you to change the treatment.

Can I undergo a scheduled surgical procedure now?

Most of the non-emergency surgical procedures are cancelled in many places to append facilities to the hospitals to treat COVID-19 cases. Surgical procedure will suppress the immune system, so discuss regarding it with your doctor.

Can I get accessibility incase this virus grows?

During this situation, there is limited in-person care and many doctors are assuring their patients that they provide telemedicine visits. In case, in-person care is available at your place, then check with your doctor.

How can I reach you in emergency situations?

Most of the healthcare providers are supporting to treat COVID-19 cases, communicating a healthcare provider has become difficult. So, contact your physician and check how you are able to contact in future for urgent issues. In emergency conditions call 911, instead of mailing to your physician.

Maintaining communication with healthcare provider is as much important as maintaining good health. One of the best ways to help healthcare system is keeping you healthy and safe.

To stay safe, order face masks from a reliable vendor for you, your family or friends and use them when going to a grocery store or other public places.

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