Questions You Should Know Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Questions You Should Know Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney

admin September 8, 2020

When going through a divorce and searching for an attorney, you don’t hire the first attorney you meet. Choosing the right lawyer is important in the case of divorces. Even if someone referred the attorney to you, do your homework and try finding out about various divorce lawyers before making a decision.

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Some of the questions to ask divorce attorneys in your first communication are listed as under:

  • How will the communication take place?

Communication in today’s world takes place either by call, email, or video conferencing. Sometimes a short mail is sufficient but sometimes extensive video call only serve the purpose.

  • How to keep files secured?

The family law firm you are intending of hiring must be able to keep its client’s files secured. Some of these documents include bank account numbers, social security numbers, etc.

  • Who should move out of the house, you or your spouse?

Moving out and staying in someone’s personal decision and certain good lawyers can advise their clients about staying and what are the effects of moving out. In certain cases, like domestic violence or physical abuse, moving out turns out to be the best decision.

  • What is meant by legal custody?

The attorney tries to give you a brief difference and let you know what is legal custody. He only tells you what you are capable of knowing.

  • Is it possible to kick your spouse out of your home?

You need to have reasonable areas in which you can move your spouse out of your home. You should ask your lawyer if you are allowed to do this based on a request made by the attorney. The attorney has the right to question the factual and legal basis of doing it.

  • What is meant by physical custody?

Your attorney can explain it to you again what physical custody means. They tell you the difference between legal and actual parenting and under what circumstances you can allow joint versus sole physical custody.

  • How much child support can one receive?

In spouse support, the child support question depends on whether you are the one receiving the support or you are expecting to pay it. The attorney normally runs a computer program in determining what the child support can be.

  • How long the divorce will take?

If you are planning your life after having a divorce, you must know how long the divorce process will take. The more the dispute, the more time it will take.


These are some of the questions that can cross your mind while visiting your divorce lawyer first. Take the rightful choice and go ahead with your decision.

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