DC marriage divorce laws: Knowing your rights

DC marriage divorce laws: Knowing your rights

admin August 24, 2021

Getting a divorce can be an awful thing to do. However, it is usually done in the best interests of the parties involved. It is usually the best path to follow when it has been established that the couples have irreconcilable differences. In the case of a divorce, it is usually important that the woman gets to know what her rights are as well as what she is entitled to.

Your rights as a divorced woman

Many men after a marital divorce, are usually financially stable. It is usually the woman that suffers because in most cases, the woman finds it difficult to adjust to being single once again. Unless she has made some plans beforehand, she must know her rights when she finally gets separated from her partner. When people separate from their partners, they may have rights to property or economic support.

The rights of a woman during divorce

The rights of a woman in the case of a divorce depend on certain conditions. These rights depend on whether they have been married legally. If there was a common-law affair, and if there are children involved.

Will you get economic support?

In many cases of divorce, family law mandates that a person who is getting divorced will need to pay some money for spousal support. This is intended to help take care of their former partner. This usually happens for legally married parties, people in common-law relationships with kids, or parties in common-law relationships for a minimum of 3 years and without kids.

If you have children living with you, then you are eligible to get money for child support. Child support is meant for the welfare of the kids. This is intended to help them continue with their lifestyles and prevent the divorce case from having a debilitating effect on their well-being.

Understanding the sharing of assets during a divorce

For legally married couples seeking a divorce, there is usually a way to go about the sharing of assets and properties. The assets are usually meant for equal division. However, there is a certain formula that is used by the courts to decide what party gets what. This calculation is not something that many people can do alone because there are usually different exceptions and rules involved in arriving at the final estimation.

The exception to assets sharing is for parties in a common-law marriage. They are exempt from the asset sharing process as the law excludes them from taking part in asset sharing. Spouses are automatically deprived of this right if they are in a common-law marriage. In this case, each partner will only get to keep the asset that they have had with their names.

Getting legal support during divorce

If you are getting a divorce in DC, many professional and experienced divorce lawyers in DC will help you understand what your rights are during the case of a divorce from your partner. A divorce attorney will help you know your rights, and will usually evaluate the type of marriage you have and such things as the presence of children and so on. Soon as they have been able to establish the conditions of your marriage, they will proceed to represent your rights and interests according to the law.

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